Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fully Brick Bro! - Part 2

Bricks All Around!

Its been almost 2 weeks now since I've posted! but I've been to our site every day since hahaha!

The bricks are ALMOST done! and its been interesting seeing the house literately come together brick by brick! There is only the top section of the garage, the front balcony and some of the right hand side still to be bricked.

I'm thinking if the rain holds off we should have the house fully bricked by the end of the week. Also arranged to meet our SS this Friday morning to do a walk through of the building and ask the long list of questions we have to fix hahaha.

Here are some "progressive" pics of it all happening. Enjoy!
Front Side View Partially Bricked

Stacker Door Bricked

Rear View Bricked
Entire Side View Bricked

Front Facade Partially Bricked

Garage Side View Partially Bricked

Garage Side View - Still Wet But Getting There
Front Balcony Pylons Partially Bricked

Front Balcony Pylons Bricked - Only Need The Balcony Bulkhead Now!

Rear Entertainment Area Bricked

Front View - Current Status :)

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