Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your Honor, we have CONCRETE evidence

Nothing screams SOLID like CONCRETE does!


We are heaps heaps heeeaaapppss excited about the concrete slab that greeted us as we drove to our piece of land late this afternoon:) 

It just feels so surreal and everything just seems to be happening so quickly!

In the blink of an eye, we've gone from dirt to dead set concrete - kinda makes me think of the Big Yellow Taxi song where they paved paradise and put up a concrete slab.... geddit? maybe.. but you get the point. 

Without further ado... here are the pics. Enjoy! I know we did:)

Garage & Portico

Front Slab


Rear Slab

Garage Step Down

Garage &Portico

Slab for Slimline Rain Water Tank

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How u like 'em waffles?

Waffle Pod In

Went to the site today, AGAIN, after work. Clocking up the klm's and drinking that fuel but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Today it seems like the builder has made good use of the steel reinforcement and waffle pods delivered yesterday because lo and behold the waffle pods are in and clipped and the steel meshing is sitting on the "bar chairs".

It was dark so i couldn't really see if the waffle pods were laid on crushed rock. Couldn't see the black builders plastic that is meant to stop moisture from below the slab, but i did see it delivered yesterday so the assumption is they used it?

Its really starting to take shape! Hope the rain holds off so i can have my slab by the end of the week!

Front Section of House

Full View of Entire Slab



Rear Concrete Slab for Slimline Water Tank

Monday, September 17, 2012

Anyone for Waffles?

Waffle Pod & Steel Reinforcement Delivered

Ive been to the site pretty much every day since site start! Wouldn't want to miss anything now would we? haha.

Today i rocked up after work to find the waffle pods and steel reinforcement for my concrete slab have been delivered!

Seems like the plumbing for the first floor has gone in too but so clueless as to how they managed to do this without digging???

Hope the weather holds, fingers crossed XxXxXxXx if so we should have a concrete slab by the end of the week it seem :)

Took some pictures since i know how everyone loves pictures :P ENJOY

Steel Reinforcement

Waffle Pods

More Waffle Pods!

Laundry Plumbing

Powder Room idea why there are so many pipes?!?!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lets Get It Started!

Fenced Up!

It's really happening now! Eden Brae has put up the fences and the stencils. This means we no longer need to imagine where the house would be on our piece of land. We can just follow the planks of wood in the dirt:)

One more thing they've done is they've poured in all the concrete piers to hold up our humble home.

All these work done in a mere 2 days!  

All fenced up!

Pylons and Stencils

View from the back

View from the front

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dirt Diggler



Got the call from my site supervisor today who introduced himself AND to my surprise told me that they have begun excavation and will be laying the slab in the next few days!!!! WOW that is quick!

Was at my patch of dirt only 2 days ago and nothing had happened.......could feel the hay bales rolling by and the outback "oh eh oh" sound........ok your probably lost by now......BUT OMG SO EXCITED!!!! jump for joy! Bounce Bounce

Took my camera along and check out the cool snaps it took without any flash :)

Side Shot

Front Shot
  So you can see our garage step down has been excavated ready for that nice and flat concrete slab to be laid soon.

Oh and for the ones who don't know already.......Brickmakers Drive has OPENED! went for our first drive and it seems really nice and clean with the fresh landscaping. Those speed reduction traps are absolutely useless!

Also saw the local wildlife as a rabbit hopped in front of my car ....SO CUTE!!!!

Eeerh......Wats Up Doc?
Cant wait for the slab! this space :P