Sunday, November 4, 2012

Roof Roof!

Finally A Roof Over Our Heads :)

The house has certainly started to take shape and look like an actual house. Now we can actually squat without getting wet.

The weather of late has been slightly eratic with sudden bouts of rainfall and stinkin' hot 30 deg days (Don't you just love Sydney weather?) But you know what they say... what doesn't break ya' only makes you stronger... I just hope that principle applies to wooden frames and floor boards (Fingers crossed!!!).

View from the Front

View from the Right

Pallets of Barramundi Monier Roof Tiles

We also have the guttering installed. We had chosen dune for the colour of the gutters but Bubu is almost certain that the colour installed is cream and not quite the colour we had chosen.

I've taken two looks at the shade and saw nothing wrong with it.

Bubu had a brilliant idea which is to take the gutter colour swash to the gutters installed and compare them to make sure the gutters being used are indeed dune.

What do you guys think?

Does this look Dune to you?

Overall, I love how the house is coming together and its been fun anticipating what's gonna come on next!

Now for Bubu's artistic shot, peering the house from the bushes...

House of Mumu|Bubu - what a magnificent sight:)

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