Monday, May 7, 2012

Colour Me Pretty!

Colours Appointment:
We had our colours appointment on the 20th March 2012 straight after our Tender appointment (Tip: try and put all appointments together rather than wasting so much annual leave as it all happens on weekdays....argh so annoying! hahaha)

So we started at the Home Options Gallery in Bella Vista with our bubbly colour consultant Josie.

We had to firstly pick the colours to the exterior of our home. This part was the easy part as we already knew what external colours we wanted to use after several thousand drive-by's (no shot-guns involved) of a house we loved in the same estate.

I must say that after gawking at it so many times and parking my car outside their house that many times, we were worried the cops might rock up to tell us to stop stalking them :P. But as it turns out even my noisy exhaust didn't deter them from showing us through their house and their colour scheme.

The Georges Fair neighbourhood seems like a really friendly place. Turns our my old high school teacher has also built the same house in the estate and ALSO took us for a tour of their house. How AWESOME is that! it makes such a big difference walking through what you will build as opposed to trying to imagine how the colours and design will turn out. Thanks heaps!

After much too-ing and fro-ing we finally agreed (the word "agreed" is very loose term to use) on our colour scheme below:


Roof Tile - CSR Monier Horizon (Colour: Barramundi)

Face Brick - CSR PGH Bricks (Colour: Gravel) Upgrade
Mortar - Ironed Profile (Colour: Off White) Upgrade

Window Frames - Airlite (Colour: Custom Black)

Entrance Door - Corinthian 3 Glass Panel (Colour: Dune)
Gutter - Bluescope Colourbond (Colour: Dune)
Fascia Downpipes - Bluescope Colourbond (Colour: Dune)
Garage Door - (Colour: Dune)

Driveway - CSR PGH Pavers (Colour: Peppercorn)
    Herringbone 90deg

Moroka & Timber Posts - Taubmans (Colour: Manhattan T122-6)

Moroka Feature - Bristol (Colour: Corgi P189-N7)

Cladding - Taubmans (Colour: Athena T122-4)


Alfresco/Portico/Eaves/ Gable Infill - Taubmans (Colour: Portland Stone T122-2W)


Internal Wall Paint - Taubmans (Colour: White Smoke)
Skirting & Architrave - Taubmans (Colour: Crisp White)