Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fully Brick Bro!

Bricks Delivered

Rain Rain go away! Come back another day! ARGH! sigh its been bucketing rain ever since the frames have gone up. Not happy Jan!

But at least the Bricks have arrived! by the pallet load and its everywhere hahaha. Theres pallets of bricks in the front yard and pallets of bricks in the back yard.

Seems like the brickies are ready to go with those neat little stacks all along the perimeter of the house. Hope they will start bricking the house before the weekend. Anyways here are some pictures :)

Bricks in the front yard
Bricks lined up ready to go!

Concrete by the pallet
Mound of sand....Hope its not washed away :(
 Oh almost forgot as i was walking to my car i noticed that the water and gas have been piped around the house as well! although it looked like they just ran the pipes like a kid doodling on a doodle pad! Taps have also been put in place. Check it out :P

Water and gas connected
Taps installed

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