Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How u like 'em waffles?

Waffle Pod In

Went to the site today, AGAIN, after work. Clocking up the klm's and drinking that fuel but TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Today it seems like the builder has made good use of the steel reinforcement and waffle pods delivered yesterday because lo and behold the waffle pods are in and clipped and the steel meshing is sitting on the "bar chairs".

It was dark so i couldn't really see if the waffle pods were laid on crushed rock. Couldn't see the black builders plastic that is meant to stop moisture from below the slab, but i did see it delivered yesterday so the assumption is they used it?

Its really starting to take shape! Hope the rain holds off so i can have my slab by the end of the week!

Front Section of House

Full View of Entire Slab



Rear Concrete Slab for Slimline Water Tank

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  1. Can't wait for the Alfresco this summer!!?

    Mr Wong