Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dirt Diggler



Got the call from my site supervisor today who introduced himself AND to my surprise told me that they have begun excavation and will be laying the slab in the next few days!!!! WOW that is quick!

Was at my patch of dirt only 2 days ago and nothing had happened.......could feel the hay bales rolling by and the outback "oh eh oh" sound........ok your probably lost by now......BUT OMG SO EXCITED!!!! jump for joy! Bounce Bounce

Took my camera along and check out the cool snaps it took without any flash :)

Side Shot

Front Shot
  So you can see our garage step down has been excavated ready for that nice and flat concrete slab to be laid soon.

Oh and for the ones who don't know already.......Brickmakers Drive has OPENED! went for our first drive and it seems really nice and clean with the fresh landscaping. Those speed reduction traps are absolutely useless!

Also saw the local wildlife as a rabbit hopped in front of my car ....SO CUTE!!!!

Eeerh......Wats Up Doc?
Cant wait for the slab! this space :P

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