Monday, September 17, 2012

Anyone for Waffles?

Waffle Pod & Steel Reinforcement Delivered

Ive been to the site pretty much every day since site start! Wouldn't want to miss anything now would we? haha.

Today i rocked up after work to find the waffle pods and steel reinforcement for my concrete slab have been delivered!

Seems like the plumbing for the first floor has gone in too but so clueless as to how they managed to do this without digging???

Hope the weather holds, fingers crossed XxXxXxXx if so we should have a concrete slab by the end of the week it seem :)

Took some pictures since i know how everyone loves pictures :P ENJOY

Steel Reinforcement

Waffle Pods

More Waffle Pods!

Laundry Plumbing

Powder Room idea why there are so many pipes?!?!

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