Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Mix of Everything

A lil bit of this and a lil bit of that!

In the last week or so, Eden Brae has been quite the busy lil bee so it seems. Since the engagement, they've finished up some items that could only be completed when the brickwork is finished.

With Christmas just round the corner, it also appears Santa may have made his entrance into our new place - leaving behind a nifty lil gift stuck to my roof! Scroll to the bottom to check it out!

Ground floor roofing done.......just intime to stop the rain bucketing down recently

Ground floor roof to rear of house complete

Slim line water tank installed


Nice and slim......would the real slim shady please stand up

Electrical wiring installed ready for my awesome LED downlights

Ducting for the air con installed

Get it wrong much?!

Don't think i ordered a can of Mother in my roof cavity?


  1. Where are you guys at with the building finished yet?

    Have not had a post from you guys for ages miss the regular updates.

    Look forward to seeing something soon.

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