Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Step At A Time


......yes its been a while since our last post and from the aptly titled post, today's topic is... you've guessed it! Stairs!!!
The standard stairs that Eden Brae provide are enclosed stairs made of MDF material. We have chosen to upgrade to the open timber staircase that is at the Georges Fair Cambridge 34 display home. Check out some of the pictures we have taken below

Side View

Front View

Upstairs Balustrade
Eden Brae have chosen a dark Ebony stain for the wood. We wanted something lighter so we will be staining ours a Walnut colour. Fingers crossed it will look just as good if not better!

Our balcony will also be an open balcony with a wooden top metal balustrade. At the staircase appointment we were shown a balustrade without the wood ontop.

A4-1 Metal Balustrade
Ronald spent sometime arguing with them that this is not what Eden Brae was giving us. Every other Eden Brae Cambridge in the estate has a balustrade with a wooden top but apparently they were adamant that this was not what was communicated to them.

We told them to shove it *politely* and call Eden Brae and wholla! ........we get our western red cedar hand rail ontop of our metal balustrade.

HR6 Western Red Cedar Hand Rail

If your building a house in an estate like us i recommend a drive around to see what other people have actually built that is like yours and ask for the tender. Obviously your builder wont give you the price but at least it will show you what was standard in their tender and use it as a basis for arguing your way. At the end of the day if someone else has got it free why would you want to pay for it?

.......still no word from council about our DA *major SIGH*

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  1. Excellent detail and info Jacky. Hang in there guys hope DA get come through soon. Looking forwards to you next post! Xiao