Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Post - WHOOT!

When I first met Jaclyn she was a girl obsessed with the dream of owning her own Eden Brae House.

People often refer to the first 6 months of a relationship as the "Honeymoon Period". I would refer to it as "HomeWorld Period". Every Saturday I would be subjected to hours upon hours of Eden Brae display home "Window Shopping".

Now its time to turn her dream into reality! YAY

We are excited to have you join our journey of building our Dream Home and hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we will enjoy sharing/writing about it.

- Ronald


  1. Hey Bud,

    Pretty Nifty.
    Hope you guys Enjoy the ride of Building your dream Home. It can have it's challenging moments.

    It'll be up in no time.

    Great Idea on the Blog.

    Cheers AFK - Sorry - not up to date in social media :)

  2. Hey AFK!

    Thanks bud! keep me posted on your house build as well! checked out the photos you sent the other day and its looking awesome with that wooden facade :P


  3. Dear Ronald and Jackie,

    Congrads from all your accounting uni buddies!

    We were all there when Jackie first laid eyes on your hot bod and exceptional accounting brain.

    Jackie, if it wasn't for you, Ron would be wasting his money driving around in a WRX Sti and living at home with his parents.

    Looking forward to the house warming party.

    Best regards,

    Your accounting uni buddies.